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Mission Statement



There is a great need for purpose, identity and vision in the heart of every young person’s life. Today’s generation of youth are faced with severe challenges, from sex trafficking, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, domestic violence and more. This generation is faced with challenges that no generation has ever dealt with. We've never been so connected yet disconnected.

The prevalence of sex trafficking and homelessness among the youth in San Diego is absolutely staggering. The FBI classifies San Diego as one of the top 13 U.S. cities for sex trafficking of children. There are at least 3,000 trafficking victims per year in San Diego County, but the number may be as high as 8,000. The average age of entry into sex trafficking in San Diego County is 16.

Over 1,500 youth are among the homeless in San Diego County - more than the number of homeless veterans.

Many youth today are simply void of value and direction for their lives. There are approximately 43,210 16-to 24-year-olds in San Diego County who are not in school and not working, roughly 10% of all youth.

Our vision

A generation of youth that has discovered their purpose, obtained vision for their lives and learned to develop healthy relationships.

Our mission

To see transformation in the lives of youth by providing day and multi-day camps in San Diego County, California where young people can experience life-changing connections, discover vision, and enjoy epic adventures that will have a long lasting, positive impact. To reach today's youth and empower tomorrow's leaders.

Our core values

The Abiding Youth Camp's core values are forged by our commitment to the highest ethical standards and drive our priorities, commitments and organizational decisions.


Integrity is at our backbone. We assure and maintain honesty, purity and transparency in our relationships with each other and with our various constituencies.


Our motivation and the purpose behind everything we do is love. We love because God first loved us.


We operate in a spirit of compassion by impartially showing genuine kindness and care toward every person we encounter and every youth we reach.


We believe in God-centered principles and bible-based ethics.


More than a priority, safety is our core value, embedded in every decision we make as an organization and as individuals. We implement and are committed to safety programs of the highest standard.


Knowing that we can only teach the standard by which we live, we are dedicated to the virtue of excellence in behavior, speech and attitude.


We believe life was made to be fun, but it's also integral to creating a positive experience for youth and it's essential for successful communication.


We are dedicated to serving the youth of this generation and are committed to the success of unlocking everyone's true potential.


We keep our commitments and make measurable progress to achieve our mission.

Strategic goals


The teenage years are a critical window of vulnerability to harmful decisions - decisions that can affect an adolescent’s entire life. We believe that many young people are in need of direction, a sense of belonging and of positive role models. Our goal is to encourage healthy choices, thereby preventing potentially devastating consequences. We want to prevent young people from the disastrous effects of drugs, alcohol and other immoral behaviors.


To provide a place of healing and help create a road map for success, navigating the many heartaches of circumstances of life. To help shed light through even the darkest of circumstances, whether it be broken homes, sexual abuse, racial crimes, victims of substance abuse, abusive relationships… all tragedies which are more than a child has the ability to process or endure.

Develop Team Skills

Abiding Youth Camp incorporates team building exercises in almost every aspect of camp. The purpose of team building activities is to motivate youth to work together, to develop their strengths, and to address their weaknesses. The team building exercises we provide encourage collaboration rather than competition.


It is our goal to fully sponsor any youth that desires to attend camp but would be otherwise prevented due to economic limitations.

  • Raise awareness of the importance of camp and attract sponsors that have a heart to allow underprivileged youth to attend camp without charge.

Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture

The Abiding Youth Camp is located on an operational ranch where livestock are raised, and produce is grown sustainably. The youth will be given tours and allowed to interact with the animals and produce and will even partake in the harvest during mealtime!

  • Provide petting of select animals in a safe and controlled manner

  • Provide tours of farming fields of groves of olive and fruit trees

Introduction to Sustainable Living

To give adolescents an introductory look into sustainable living, what it means and its value.

  • Show practical examples of what sustainable living is

  • Explain the value of having a small footprint

Cast Vision

To expand the vision of youth to see beyond barriers and inspire dreams, aspirations and goals for their life. To see that they were created for so much more in this life.

Purpose Discovery

To define and communicate purpose. Purpose is a powerful motivator for personal change and achievement, giving the why behind our choices. We believe everyone has purpose and destiny and that the understanding of purpose is absolutely critical for adolescents to live successful lives.

Leadership Development

To inspire and encourage youth to be leaders of positive change in their generation.

  • Deliver messages on healthy leadership

  • Provide activities that encourage and develop leadership skills

10-year vision

Abiding Youth Camp will host thousands of young people over the next 10 years. We believe the camp will have a tremendous effect of each person that attends. We intend to develop a positive reputation among the inner-city areas of San Diego as we build relationships and provide camps worth talking about. The priorities identified to achieve this 10-year vision are:

  • Fund and build all three phases of construction

  • Develop after school programs for inner-city youth

  • Host other youth organizations and sports teams

  • Sponsor hundreds of underprivileged youth annually to attend camp

  • Continue to seek other ways to reach youth of San Diego and make a positive impact

Our Mission
Our Core Values
Strategic goals
10-year vision
Our vision

The failure to invest in youth reflects a lack of compassion and a colossal failure of common sense.

Coretta Scott King

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