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Educational Topics

Sustainable Agriculture

An introduction to how food can be produced in a sustainable way, not having a negative impact on the land, and not compromising the ability of future generations to use the land in the same way.

Sustainable Farming

From farm to plate, we display the entire process of basic food production with a tour of machinery, tools and the fields. Kids will have the opportunity to learn hands-on and enjoy a recent harvest during meal time.


Animal Husbandry

Giving kids up-close encounters with farm animals and teaching the basics of what it takes to raise animals for the purposes of meat, eggs and milk. Food from the ranch will be integrated with dishes served.



The benefits of team building skills translate into every part of one's life. We teach team building skills as a part of every activity to encourage building healthy relationships and teach cooperation rather than competition.

Survival Skills

Beyond face value, learning the basics of survival builds confidence and self-esteem in youth so that in the future, one can be better equipped to deal with challenging situations.


& Astronomy

Outside the city, stars come alive. Encouraging camp-goes to wonder and dream and giving them a chance to see the stars through high-powered telescopes.

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